The Plan | Start

Let’s talk about the plan of this website.

I originally created this website for 2 main reasons. To put them simply

  1. a way to practice HTML and CSS as a part of learning code.
  2. to start my own blog that will cover my experiences learning Japanese and programming.

Now let’s talk about the bigger picture at hand. What are my actual goals, like, in life.

Well, this is obviously a deeper question but if I were to sit down and actually think. “What are my goals, what do I want to achieve”. For starters, I want to live in Japan, that’s a major goal/dream/passion of mine that I’ve had since I was like 11 years old. As a follow up to that I want to get really fucking good at Japanese, like near native level. As for my career/what type of work I want to do, this is the part that I still don’t quite have figured out. And to be honest, that might be part of why I’m making this website as well. You see, if you were to ask me what my passion is now, what is it that I really love to do, what/who I would almost “identify” as, I would tell you that it would be Japanese, or “learning Japanese” although I really don’t like putting it like that. More so, getting good, making incredible progress in my language abilities. Just the act itself of immersion in Japanese. Reading novels, watching my favorite anime etc. That’s what I really “connect” with, it’s what really motivates me. Like I said, just the “process” itself. But, when you really think about it, there aren’t really many opportunities out there for this niche. I mean, there’s stuff that pertains to language (In Japan, that is), but that’s mostly stuff like English teaching, being an ALT (assistant language teacher) or work in a 英会話 (eikaiwa, a school specifically for teaching English). That being said though, none of that stuff really interests me. If anything, I’m almost opposed to the idea of getting the typical “English teaching” Job in Japan. For starters, I don’t even agree with half the methods being used to “teach” English in Japan, so even if were to teach English in Japan as a job, it would most likely just be as a part-time job for the sole purpose of making money. What I’m really concerned about though is the career path that is best suited for me, what I want to do. So that’s what I’ve been trying to find out recently, and that’s why I’ve been dabbling into things that are completely new to me such as programming and coding (hence me making this site), obviously I can’t tell whether or not this is going to be my “new passion” or whatever, but I think its worth trying new things and finding what is that I really want to do.

Ideas for the site

Here are some ideas I have at the moment for this site.

  1. Create an account creation system that links to a users e-mail and automate newsletter emails each time I create a new posts to inform users.
  2. Create multiple pages separate from the main “blog” page stuff like: page for books (a way I can essentially give free books to people) a page for cool pictures/ screenshots from anime etc, a page for all my SNS. etc. Basically loads of cool pages to make the website more than just a blog.
  3. Ads, I know ads suck and all but lets be real, most people have Adblock anyways lol, and Ads could possibly make me a little money which would be useful considering I’m currently living alone and managing all my own fiances at 17 so at the very least if I could make enough to support what it costs to run this website that would be more than enough.
  4. General good design, I am using a theme for the base design of the website. Its one that I personally like for its simplicity, but I plan on really digging into the code and changing stuff to match the way I like it.
  5. Youtube videos for posts, I really want to also use this website for an excuse to make more youtube videos, whether that be Update videos or videos pertaining to a particular subject that I cover in a blog post.


In conclusion, everything is still a major work in progress and I’m still not quite sure what I’m doing but I really hope I can make something awesome out of this site and I hope that you ( the reader ) will stick with me and watch me grow.